Following steps demonstrate a typical goal&performance management process in a small team using GoalMaster:


Your goals are belong to yourself, we have no server to store your goals – so there is no server for your team to share goal documents for team collaboration. But GoalMaster supports easily sharing goal documents across team members via Email, Airdrop, Dropbox and other 3rd apps (the user make decision how to transfer/store the goal documents via iOS activity panel), and supports to import goal documents as new document or merge into exist goal document – make it simple for the team performance management.

  • Low price solution for team performance management (no server investment, no future service cost)
  • Manual operations, not automatic workflow 


To see how easy it’s, please try the steps using to iOS devices

◉ Configuration

Prepare a empty goal document (by anyone of the team) , input the master data and share to other team members. Same master data will help the team to input correct data without more work to adjust after merging goals.


Please prepare following master data (if needed)

  • Goal contacts. We can specify a goal contact as the owner when inputing goal.
  • Goal category (if needed). Define the goal category, for example: Growth, People …
  • Goal status (if needed). Define the status definition for tracking if needed.
  • Goal score. Define the score items for goal assessment, for example: Good, ok… or other items such as 1,3,5,7,9
  • Goal priority. Goal priority items amount is fix, the caption can be customised.


Please share the goal document to whole team to input goals.


◉ Jan, 2015 – Goal setting

Team members prepare goals and input into GoalMaster (Normally the team leader need to prepare team goals and communicate with team members before this action, we ignore this action for demo purpose)

For example: Linda prepared her goals as below


◉ Feb, 2015 – Goal review and finalisation

Before review, team members send goals to team leader (Kevin):

Kevin and team members may plan one-one meeting to review goals.  Goals may be updated later or when meeting,  and then be submitted to Kevin. Following demonstrates how Linda submit goals to Kevin when meeting by Airdrop (of cause, also goals can be sent out via Email, Dropbox and other 3rd apps)

  • Kevin opens “team goal document” on iPad/iPhone (here demos on iPad) – make sure to open the document for merge, if no document opened, the received .goal file will be imported as a new goal document.
  • Linda exports goal document as .goal file

    And sends .goal file to Kevin via Airdrop
  • Kevin merges received goal into his “team goal document”
    Select goals to merge


◉ Nov, 2015 – team members update goal result, review with leader.

  • Team members update the goal progress and result, for example Linda to input the result of her goals.
  • Linda shares the goals to team leader
  • Team leader merge the goal result into team goal document – When merging, Kevin can select columns to merge. For this case, the progress and result columns will be selected to merge the goal updates only.
    • Open the .goal file submitted by Linda, and select “MERGE by title” option
    • Select columns to be merged
    • Then the goal results will be merged.

◉ Dec, 2015 – team leader do goal assessment and delivery to team members.

  1. Team leader do assessment (give score, input assessment)
  2. Send assessment to team members – Group goals by goal owners, then export goals of each owner as .goal and PDF file.